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Research in Motion announced three new BlackBerry smartphones late Monday evening, adding more Curves to the company's lineup. The phones will come loaded with the premium version of Documents To Go, a mobile-based document reader, and BlackBerry Protect, which allows owners to locate their lost or stolen phone using GPS.

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The phones will also feature a 5-megapixel camera for both photo and video, and a microSD slot expandable up to 32 gigs of memory. Since its debut in , BlackBerry phones have been the preferred smartphone for the business-minded thanks to its dedicated email-friendly keyboard.

Once a market leader, BlackBerry phones have slowly bled market share after Google and Apple introduced Android and iOS-powered smartphones to the public. So essentially, the phone you purchased around Christmas could already be out of date come the new year.

RIM To Announce New BlackBerry 10 Phones In January - Business Insider

All three new Curve models — the , and — will be available in Canada in August, and roll out in other countries in September. Pricing and carrier details have not been announced. See Also: Blackberry Bold The Blackberry Bold is a slim and sleek smartphone with full qwerty keyboard. It screen is a 2.

RIM Will Announce Its New BlackBerry Phones On January 30

Hardware specs is also commendable: BlackBerry Torch This phone was released in August and still one of the hottest this due to its outstanding specs. It has a 3. It boasts screen resolution at x pixels. It has 1. Blackberry Bold This is considered the lightest and thinnest Blackberry phone to date —about only It also holds the title for the highest screen pixel density at ppi.

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Hardware specs are impressive alike. For the specs comparison of the above list of blackberry phone you can see them here. Blackberry devices are an absolute proprietary multi-tasking environs developed by RIM for its own mobiles. The lines of smartphone handheld devices run by unique Blackberry operating systems support the specialized input devices most specifically the trackwheel, trackball, trackpad and touchscreen which in turn, makes them their signature features.

The Blackberry platform is noted for its native support for corporate email and synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise.

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