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Parametric plots, where x and y coordinates are determined by a pair of single-parameter functions, are also supported. If you type the download link on a mobile phone, use the short form calc.

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You can access the source code subversion repository: Mihai started the project and released the first version towards the end of Carlo joined the project in the summer of and made very substantial contributions since; most notably, Carlo did all the graphing work plot, map, par. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome, please post to the discussion group , javia-calculator googlegroups.

While the left key-menu contains the operators, the right key-menu activated with the key contains everything else: Some entries in the functions key-menu are displayed with a green lower-left corner, such as. Selecting these entries opens additional sub-menus that contain related entries. For example, the sin entry opens the trigonometric menu where you can find sin, cos, tan, etc.

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The sub-menu items are arranged such that pressing the key for a green-corner entry twice produces the corresponding symbol directly. To dismiss a key-menu without making a selection, press any key corresponding to none of the entries.


To plot a graph of a function of one variable, use the plot command, available by pressing 4 twice while in the functions key-menu. This command takes three parameters.

Application description

The second and third parameters are the minimum and maximum value of x for which to plot the function. Note that the meaning of the parameters is indicated above the input line. The par command is found in the plot sub-menu of the functions key-menu. It produces plots where the x and y coordinates are determined by a pair of one-parameter functions.

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The general form is. The plotted curve consists of all the points F t , G t , with t varying from t min to t max. The map command is available from the plot sub-menu of the functions key-menu. It visualises functions of two variables by colouring each display pixel with a grayscale value corresponding linearly to the function evaluated at its coordinates. The parameters x min , x max , y min , y max define the region to be plotted.

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As the square brackets around y max indicate, it may be left out, in which case it is chosen such that the aspect ratio of the map is 1 i. Pixels corresponding to non-real values are coloured as follows: User-defined variables and functions To define a new variable or function, first choose its name from the variables menu, available by pressing 5 in the functions key-menu.

There is a limited choice of one-letter names: Next enter the definition symbol ,: If the variable to be defined has previously been undefined, the definition symbol is inserted automatically. In order to define a variable, this expression can be a number or an arithmetic expression that evaluates to a number.