Windows mobile backup contacts without outlook

In reply to ozandurdag's post on May 18, Up vote 5. Beach MacKenzie Replied on June 30, OK It's real easy. You are going to need a large notepad a pen or pencil and a whole bunch of patience. Copy them out one at a time then type them back in one at a time. Because windows phones are so 's.

KeHjppak Replied on July 13, In reply to kkabcde's post on May 4, Using some android assistant app can help backup android phone contacts to computer. Not only contacts ,but also messages ,photos,videos.

Three Ways to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

And android assistant can allow manage ,edit android data on pc. Up vote 6. JP Replied on July 21, Excellent, BUT, one of my oldest contacts, for whom I have phone number details in my Win8 Lumia - all you have for him on your super-duper Windows Live People list - is his name. No contact information whatsoever. I have many hundreds of contacts in my phone - numbers, addresses, the usual stuff.

I'm a plumber.

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New phone arrives tomorrow. Thankfully, it's an Android. However, without checking every single one of my contacts, one by one, I'm not going to know those for whom you have chosen not to store any contact info for. Way to go You've managed to right royally screw that up.

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The Windows Phone 7. Tap the arrow to go to the second page menu.

How to Restore Contacts from OneDrive to Android Phone, OneDrive Contacts to Android

This should hopefully be valid for your Lumia as well, even if the Windows version does not match. Select your old Nokia phone and accept the pairing.

Part 2. How to sync Windows phone contacts to Outlook

This should work with all Bluetooth-capable phones on the "other end". You might have to approve adding the contacts on the "receiving end", though — but you need not to involve any third-party cloud services for that. Certainly, your Lumia will be able to export its contacts as " VCard s" in one or the other way if not directly, for this step the first part of Solver's answer can be used. There, start the "contacts" or "people" app, tap the "menu button" or, if there is none, the "overflow menu" which looks like 3 dots stapled: Thank you for your interest in this question.

Manually backing up your Windows Phone contacts?

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Transfer Windows Phone Contacts to Android

Ashley Schultz Ashley Schultz 96 1 1 3. Sync your Microsoft account with your Windows Phone. Sign in to your Microsoft account on your PC you can do this at people. Select Manage and choose "Export for Outlook. Now press "Save" to store the exported contacts file "OutlookContacts. Now please emulate the following steps to import your contacts from Outlook to Android.

Install and launch the progam on your computer after downloading.

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  4. After that, connect your Android device to computer by using USB cable. The program will automatically recognize it soon. Press "Contacts" in the left sidebar of window, then you can see multiple options like Import, Export, Delete, De-duplicate at the top bar of the right panel. The program provides five options to import the contacts, such as from vCard, from Outlook Express, from Windows Live Mail, from Windows Address Book and from Outlook , , , Just choose one of them according to your need.

    First of all, sign in your Gmail account on your computer, and click on "Contact" option in the drop-down menu. The next screen will asked to select a CSV file or vCard file to upload, just upload the previous. Just a moment, Gmail will transfer all the contacts from the uploaded file and merge them with your Google's existing contacts. Now, you can sign in your google account on your Android, and sync your contacts into it.